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With data dating back to 2014, this page shows you this voter's history with the selected team. The graph shows you with the blue line how the voter ranked this team compared to how they were actually ranked (black line). A gap in the voter's line shows that they left the team unranked that week. Below the graph you can see a list of rankings compared to voter ranks. Only weeks where the team was in the top 25 are included.

Voting History with the West Virginia Mountaineers

2014 Week 9 (October 19, 2014)Voted: 25Actual: 22Variance: 3
2014 Week 10 (October 26, 2014)Voted: 20Actual: 20Variance: 0
2014 Week 11 (November 2, 2014)Voted: NRActual: 24Variance: 2+