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Football Sep 24, 2023Week 5 AP Poll RankingsShow Detailed Rankings Show Ballot Grid View
1Georgia (55) 1562 points
2Michigan (1) 1445 points
3Texas (2) 1401 points
4Ohio State (1) 1370 points
5Florida State (3) 1366 points
6Penn State 1244 points
7Washington (1) 1228 points
8USC 1169 points
9Oregon 1076 points
10Utah 981 points
11Notre Dame 904 points
12Alabama 862 points
13LSU 813 points
14Oklahoma 716 points
15North Carolina 659 points
16Washington State 652 points
17Duke 648 points
18Miami (FL) 523 points
19Oregon State 366 points
20Ole Miss 349 points
21Tennessee 260 points
22Florida 220 points
23Missouri 197 points
24Kansas 132 points
25Fresno State 64 points
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Basketball Mar 13, 2023Final Rankings AP Poll RankingsShow Detailed Rankings Show Ballot Grid View
1Alabama (48) 1508 points
2Houston (9) 1404 points
3Purdue (3) 1367 points
4Kansas 1303 points
5Texas 1276 points
6Marquette 1244 points
7UCLA (1) 1209 points
8Arizona 1155 points
9Gonzaga 1046 points
10UConn 854 points
11Baylor 779 points
12Duke 763 points
13Xavier 738 points
14Virginia 711 points
15Kansas State 709 points
16Miami (FL) 581 points
17Texas A&M 562 points
18San Diego State 550 points
19Saint Mary's 426 points
20Tennessee 381 points
21Indiana 332 points
22TCU 254 points
23Missouri 171 points
24Memphis 110 points
25Florida Atlantic 99 points
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