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CollegePollTracker.com was founded in 2014 as a website dedicated to making College Polls more accessible and more transparent to sports fans. Ever wondered how each pollster ranked a specific team in the poll? Ever wanted to know what idiot ranked your team lower than all the voters? Our site allows fans to view comprehensive ballot information by week, team, and pollster. We also allow fans to vote for good and bad polls, and interact with pollsters via email or on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Something doesn't look quite right on a ballot. What can be done?
CollegePollTracker.com uses a system that parses the data from ballots and polls that are published by the Associated Press. Sometimes data is missing when we do our import. We do our best to catch and resolve these mistakes, sometimes by notifying the AP of an error on a ballot, or fixing a technical error on their site. If you notice something that isn't resolved, please contact us and we will get right on it.
What is an EXTREME PICK?
When viewing a ballot, you may notice that certain picks are highlighted and marked as an EXTREME PICK. This is our way of quickly pointing out picks made by this pollster that are at least 5 spots away from the teams actual ranking. An EXTREME PICK isn't necessarily bad or good. it just means that this pollster's opinion of the marked team isn't in line with what other pollster's are saying.
How are MOST EXTREME and LEAST EXTREME ballots determined?
After importing all of the ballot data for a week, we begin analyzing the data that we've been able to gather. For each pick by each pollster, we generate an EXTREME SCORE that is basically the distance from where the pollster ranked a team to where they actually ended up in the overall poll. Each week we add up all of a pollster's EXTREME SCORES to determine the MOST EXTREME and LEAST EXTREME ballots. The MOST EXTREME ballots will often times have several picks that fall out of line of the general voting population while the LEAST EXTREME ballots will mostly be in line with the actual poll.
Why can I only vote on some ballots?
There are two reasons why you may not be able to vote on a ballot. First of all, voting is only open for current week ballots. If you are looking at historical data and there is already a new week in the database, voting is going to be disabled. Secondly, the AP doesn't always publish complete data right when the poll comes out but we publish whatever we are able to gather. If the ballot that you are looking at is incomplete, voting will be disabled until we can fill in the missing picks.
The BALLOT SCORE is given to each ballot by our users. As you vote on polls the BALLOT SCORE will either go up or down based on what you choose. Once voting closes on a ballot, the score will remain on the page permanently as the ballot's final BALLOT SCORE.
What are the little orange squares below the week header on each team page?
This is a Heat Map that helps visualize each teams vote distribution for that week. This image should help explain it:

The vote distribution page uses this same heat map data for all teams from the current weeks poll on a single page.
How are biases calculated?
We all know that every pollster has their own biases but they may not be what you think. CollegePollTracker has developed a formula to help determine which teams a voter might be biased towards or against. This is done by calculating how far from a teams actual rank the voter tends to vote a team. These calculations are only performed when a team is ranked in the top 25 (Other's Receiving Votes won't sway a bias). A voter is considered biased if they average voting for a team at least 4 spots away from their actual ranking at least 5 times. The biases shown are completely automated and are in no way influenced by the owners of this website.
Why would a teams record be different on this website than others?
For NET Ranking purposes, only D1 games count. We also show the Non-D1 record but these games aren't counted in the overall, home, away and neutral records.
Is CollegePollTracker.com associated with the AP (Associated Press) or any of the Universities represented?
No. CollegePollTracker.com is independently owned and is not associated with any news organizations or Universities.
How can I support CollegePollTracker.com?
This website was created by a couple of fans that wanted to make ranking data more accessible to fans. It's almost completely supported by the ads that we display. In addition to that, you can make small donations to keep the site running through our Buy Me a Coffee page.
Is CollegePollTracker.com owned by a BYU fan?
Absolutely Not.