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Dylan SinnThe Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, IN)
E-mail: dsinn@jg.net
Twitter: @DylanSinn
About: I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago and have been a Cubs fan since I began watching them on WGN when I was four years old. I also frequently attended Kane County Cougars games when I was younger, so I come into this job already possessing some familiarity with the Midwest League. I attended Indiana University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism in 2015. I covered baseball a little at Indiana, including one game in which Kyle Schwarber turned on a fastball and hit the longest home run I have ever seen. After graduating from IU, I worked toward a master's degree at the University of Maryland and graduated from there in 2017. While at Maryland, I covered the Terrapins baseball team for Maryland Baseball Network, a student-run site dedicated exclusively to the baseball team. In the last few years, I have become an avid student of sabermetrics. I have always enjoyed numbers and statistics, especially as they relate to baseball and I find that the new ways to measure performance more precisely can be extremely valuable in evaluating players objectively. I'll slip some advanced statistics into my writing when I think they can enhance a story, but I'll always explain the number in question to make it easy to understand.

With data dating back to 2014, this page shows you this voter's history with the selected team. The graph shows you with the blue line how the voter ranked this team compared to how they were actually ranked (black line). A gap in the voter's line shows that they left the team unranked that week. Below the graph you can see a list of rankings compared to voter ranks. Only weeks where the team was in the top 25 are included.

Voting History with the UCLA Bruins

2022 Pre-Season (October 17, 2022)Voted: 8Actual: 8Variance: 0
2022 Week 2 (November 14, 2022)Voted: 6Actual: 8Variance: 2
2022 Week 3 (November 21, 2022)Voted: 16Actual: 19Variance: 3
2022 Week 4 (November 28, 2022)Voted: 18Actual: 21Variance: 3
2022 Week 5 (December 5, 2022)Voted: 23Actual: 19Variance: 4
2022 Week 6 (December 12, 2022)Voted: 25Actual: 16Variance: 9
2022 Week 7 (December 19, 2022)Voted: 20Actual: 13Variance: 7
2022 Week 8 (December 26, 2022)Voted: 12Actual: 11Variance: 1
2022 Week 9 (January 2, 2023)Voted: 15Actual: 10Variance: 5
2022 Week 10 (January 9, 2023)Voted: 11Actual: 7Variance: 4
2022 Week 11 (January 16, 2023)Voted: 5Actual: 5Variance: 0
2022 Week 12 (January 23, 2023)Voted: 8Actual: 8Variance: 0
2022 Week 13 (January 30, 2023)Voted: 19Actual: 9Variance: 10
2022 Week 14 (February 6, 2023)Voted: 18Actual: 7Variance: 11
2022 Week 15 (February 13, 2023)Voted: 14Actual: 4Variance: 10
2022 Week 16 (February 20, 2023)Voted: 12Actual: 4Variance: 8
2022 Week 17 (February 27, 2023)Voted: 7Actual: 4Variance: 3
2022 Week 18 (March 6, 2023)Voted: 4Actual: 2Variance: 2
2022 Final Rankings (March 13, 2023)Voted: 6Actual: 7Variance: 1